Dirleton Bowling and Social Club


Trophy Winners


Opening of the Green_____ Green Closed in April, Covid 19.

Chapman Trophy_____

Hospice Trophy______

The Open Arms Cup (Club Pairs)__

Open Pairs______ Not Played in 2020 due to Covid 19.

The Peter Burns Trophy___

Senior Open Pairs___Not Played in 2020 due to Covid 19. 

Kenny Cowan Memorial Cup_____

Club Champion_______  David Purves.

Lorne Trophy_________

Presidents Prize_______

J. Forsyth Trophy_____ Fiona Cunningham.

Trophy Winners


Opening of the Green_      Marion Albo, David Purves & Derek Carter.

Chapman Trophy_____Harry Oliphant & Ian Paxton.

Hospice Trophy______Peter Dyson.

The Open Arms Cup (Club Pairs)__Ian Paxton & Sheila Purves.

Open Pairs______Sue Glen and Jane Blair (Haddington BC)

The Peter Burns Trophy___

Senior Open Pairs___ Kevin Thomson and Geoff Aitkin.

Kenny Cowan Memorial Cup_____John Lockhart and Rab Keith.

Club Champion_______David Purves. Runner Up Heather Cowan.

Lorne Trophy_________John Lockhart.

Presidents Prize_______John Lockhart. Runner Up David Purves.

J. Forsyth Trophy______David Purves.


Opening of the Green_____ David Purves & Linda Fraser.

Chapman Trophy_________ Willie Gray & Kenny Cowan.

Hospice Trophy__________ Ian Paxton. 

Club Pairs______________ Geordie King & Pam Ager.

Open Pairs_____________ Tommy Taylor & Partner.

Peter Burns Trophy______  Kenny Cowan & Harry Oliphant.    

Senior Open Pairs_______ Bill Fotheringham & Jackie Greenwood.

Club Champion________Hamish Thomson. Runner up Linda Fraser.

Lorne Trophy___________ Kenny Cowan.

Presidents Prize_________ Kenny Cowan. Runner up Jim Ross. 

J. Forsyth Trophy_______ Hamish Thomson.


Trophy Winners





Chapman Trophy_________ H. Oliphant & D. Paterson  

Hospice Trophy__________ Kenny Cowan.

Club Pairs______________ Peter Dyson & H. Oliphant. 

Open Pairs_____________ Tommy Kerr & June Kerr.

Peter Burns Trophy______ Adam Purves & David Purves.        

Seniors' Open Pairs______ Harry Oliphant & Jim Ross.

Club Champion__________ David Purves.

Lorne Trophy___________ Peter Dyson.

Presidents Prize_________ Peter Dyson. 

J. Forsyth Trophy_______ Adam Purves. 





Trophy Winners


Chapman Trophy_________Rab Keith & Geordie King.   

Hospice Trophy_________ Willie Gray, Runner Up Marion Albo.

Club Pairs_____________ Peter Dyson & Harry Oliphant.

Open Pairs_____________Keith Reid & Partner, Athelstaneford.

Peter Burns Trophy______Gordon Cochrane & Jock Gray.         

Seniors' Open Pairs______Davie Waugh & Colin Kennedy 

Club Champion__________Kenny Cowan runner up Jim Ross. 

Lorne Trophy___________David Purves.

Presidents Prize_________Kenny Cowan. 

J. Forsyth Trophy_______John Lockhart. 


Trophy Winners





Chapman Trophy__________ Peter Dyson & Jim Ross.    

Hospice Trophy___________ Harry Oliphant.

Club Pairs_______________ Gordon Cochrane & Peter Dyson.

Open Pairs______________ David Currie and Sheena Currie.

Peter Burns Trophy_______ Jim Ross & Harry Oliphant.          

Seniors' Open Pairs_______ Kenny Cowan & Ian Gibson. 

Club Champion____________ Robert Keith.

Lorne Trophy____________  Harry Oliphant.

Presidents Prize__________  Jimmy King.

J. Forsyth Trophy________  Jimmy King. 





Trophy Winners


Chapman Trophy__________ Willie Gray & Liam Wood.    

Hospice Trophy___________ George King.

Club Pairs_______________ Rab Keith & Jimmy King.  

Open Pairs______________ Kieran Frame & Partner.

Peter Burns Trophy_______ Peter Dyson & Jock Gray.            

Seniors' Open Pairs_______ Jackie Greenwood & Jock Brodie.

Club Champion____________ Peter Dyson.

Lorne Trophy____________  Peter Dyson.

Presidents Prize__________  Peter Dyson.

J. Forsyth Trophy________  Peter Dyson. 


Trophy Winners


Chapman Trophy__________ Kenny Cowan & Jock Gray.    

Hospice Trophy___________ Harry Oliphant.

Club Pairs_______________ Willie Gray & Gordon Cochrane. 

Peter Burns Trophy_______  Gordon Cochrane & Kenny Cowan.                                               

Open Pairs______________ John Carpenter & Dee Hogan, Athelstaneford. 

Seniors' Open Pairs_______ Alistair Kennedy & Mrs Kennedy. 

Club Champion____________Kenny Cowan.

Lorne Trophy____________ Kenny Cowan.   

Presidents Prize__________ Harry Oliphant. 

J. Forsyth Trophy________ Kenny Cowan. 





Trophy Winners


Chapman Trophy__________ Neil White and Peter Dyson 

Hospice Trophy___________Heather Cowan.

Club Pairs_______________Heather Cowan and Jock Gray

Peter Burns Trophy_______ Kenny Cowan and Heather Cowan 

Open Pairs______________David Currie and Sheena Currie.

Seniors' Open Pairs_______ Eric Denholm and Sandy Darling.

Club Champion____________Kenny Cowan.

Lorne Trophy____________ Peter Dyson. 

Presidents Prize__________ Harry Oliphant.

J. Forsyth Trophy________ Gordon Cochrane.





Trophy Winners





Chapman Trophy__________ Heather Cowan and Jock Gray.

Hospice Trophy___________Jock Gray.

Club Pairs_______________Adam Purves and Willie Gray.

Peter Burns Trophy________Jimmy King and Kenny Ross.

Open Pairs_______________Sandy Nairn and Partner.

Seniors' Open Pairs_______ Jock Brodie and Jacky Greenwood.

Club Champion____________Kenny Cowan.

Lorne Trophy_____________Peter Dyson.

Presidents Prize___________Kenny Cowan.

J. Forsyth Trophy_________Kenny Ross.


























































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