Dirleton Bowling and Social Club


Club Constitution and Bye-Laws.



Constitution and Bye-laws



***** 1. - NAME.

The Club shall be called    "THE DIRLETON BOWLING CLUB."


The affairs and business of the Club shall be managed and conducted by a Committee of Management, consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three members elected by the Club.

In the event of the resignation or death of any members of the Committee of Management during the year, the remaining members may co-opt another member of the Club to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the first week of March for the purpose of electing the Office-bearers and Members of Committee, receiving the Secretary's Report and the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts and transacting any competent business.

At this meeting the Skips for all Club engagements shall be selected. The Meeting shall determine the number required, but it shall be the duty of the Committee to determine which Skips shall represent the Club in the various games. The Committee shall select the players in consultation with the Skips.


The Committee of Management shall have power to call Special Meetings of the Club. The President, if absent, the Vice-President, shall be bound to call a Meeting within fourteen days on receiving a written requisition signed by at least seven members of the Club, and stating the purpose of the meeting.

All Meetings of the Club shall be called by circular letter or by advertisement or by notice affixed to the Notice Board of the Club at least seven days before the date of the Meeting.

For General Meetings the quorum shall be ten and for meetings of the Committee it shall be four.


The Annual Subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due and payable at that date.

Any member failing to pay his subscription before 31st May shall be held as in arrears and shall not be entitled to compete for any Club prize or participate in any Club match. His attention shall be drawn to this rule, and if his subscription is still unpaid by 15th June he shall cease to be a member of the Club. It shall be in the opinion of the Committee to reinstate him on his payment of all arrears.


Any member may withdraw from the Club by giving due intimation to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting, after which all on the roll shall be held liable for the annual subscription.


The Committee shall have power on a vote of two-thirds of its members voting to suspend or expel from the Club any member whose conduct appears to endanger the character, interests or good order of the Club, or who acts in defiance of its Constitution and Bye-Laws. The suspended or expelled member shall have the right of appeal against the decision of the Committee to a Special General Meeting of the Club called for the purpose, provided he gives notice to the Secretary of such appeal within one week after the decision of the Committee has been intimated to him. At such Special Meeting a majority of those voting in support of the Committee shall be held as confirming the suspension or expulsion and such suspension or expulsion shall be conclusive.



At all Meetings of the Club or the Committee the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President, whom failing, any other member of the Committee, shall preside as Chairman.

The Chairman shall have a deliberative and, in cases of equality, a casting vote at all meetings of the Club or the Committee.


The Secretary shall issue notices of all meetings of the Club and of the Committee, and shall keep regular and exact minutes thereof. He / she shall also record the results of all matches and competitions.


The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all moneys due to and by the Club. He / she shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs and intromissions of the Club, and such accounts and books shall be open at all times to inspection by any member of the Committee. He shall lodge in a Bank all the funds of the Club in the name of the Club. He / she shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a statement of his / her accounts for the preceding year, which accounts shall have been audited by two members of the Club who are not members of the Committee, and who shall have been appointed by the Committee for that purpose. The Financial Year of the Club shall end on 31st December.


The Dirleton Bowling Club is strongly committed to the promotion of equal opportunity for all members of the community. We aim to foster a club environment where individuals and groups are treated with dignity and respect We will ensure that individuals are not discriminated against through club/organisation policy or procedures on the grounds of their sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, social class, ethnic or national background, race, colour, disability or any other personal attributes including beliefs or opinions such as religious or political opinions. We expect all members to support us in the achievement of this.


No alteration shall be made in the foregoing Rules except at the Annual General Meetin or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose. The notice calling such Special Meeting shall state the alteration proposed, but no alteration shall take effect unless it is affirmed by two-thirds of those voting.

A motion which is contrary to a resolution of the Club shall not be competent within six months of the date of the adoption of such resolution unless the consent of two-thirds of the members present be obtained.



1.          The Laws of the Game as adopted by the Scottish Bowling Association shall be observed in all matters to which the said laws relate, and a copy thereof shall be made available to the members at all times.

2.      The Green shall be open for play during the season and during such hours on such days as the Committee shall determine.

3.      Members and visitors shall wear smooth-soled, heel-less rubber shoes or boots while playing on the Green.

4.      The Green or such sections of it as may be required for competitions and matches may be reserved for competitions and matches by the Committee, and no member shall
have a right to play on any rink so reserved unless he is taking part in the competition or match for which the reservation has been made.

5.      No member or members shall be permitted the use of a rink or rinks for a private match if, in the opinion of the Committee, such match shall interfere with Club competitions or a Club match.

6.      The Committee shall have the right to close the Green at any time if in their opinion it is advisable to do so.



7.         Every member of the Club shall have the right to enter for and take part in any or all of the Club competitions instituted by the Club, provided that he/she is not debarred from so entering or
competing under Club Rule V.

8.         No ties or private games shall be played on those evenings when the Green is not open for play
unless with the permission of the Committee.

9.         It shall not be within the right of any member or members of the Club to inaugurate any special game or competition without the sanction of the Committee, and, if sanctioned, such game or
competition shall come entirely under the jurisdiction of the Committee.

10.     No complaint shall be considered by the Committee unless it has been submitted in writing to the


1.                    The Club fixtures for each season shall be arranged by the Committee and notice thereof shall be
given to each member in such fashion as the Committee may determine.

2.         The Players for all matches shall be selected in such manner as the Committee may determine.

3.         Whenever the players for any match are selected their names shall be posted on the notice-board,
and any member who is unable to play shall give timeous notice of his inability to do so to the Secretary so that a substitute may be chosen.

4.      It shall be the duty of each skip selected for such matches to return to the Secretary a card
showing the names of the players taking part and the result of his game as soon as possible after
the conclusion of the match.


Club Championship. Lorne Trophy. The Presidents Prize.

1.         Except where otherwise specially arranged for or authorised, each single-handed match in any competition shall be a game of twenty-one shots and the competitor who first scores this number
shall be declared winner of the match.

2.      Entry sheets for each competition shall be affixed to the Club notice-board at such times as may be determined by the Committee and these sheets shall remain open for signatures of members
desiring to compete until the dates fixed by the Committee.

3.         As soon as possible after the closing date for receiving entries the Committee shall proceed to make the ballot for each competition and shall thereafter post on the notice-board sheets showing
the preliminary, first and subsequent rounds. The winners of the matches in each round shall have
their names carried forward in the sheets to the space provided for that purpose in the next round and shall be held to be drawn in that round against the competitors with whose names and their names
are respectively bracketed.

4.      Each round shall be completed by the respective dates fixed by the Committee and shown on the
competition sheets, and no extension of these dates shall be permissible unless the Committee are
satisfied that there is good reason for such extension.

5.         The first-named competitor in each match shall be regarded as the challenger, and within four days after the beginning of the round shall communicate with his opponent and offer him three dates, not consecutive, on which to play, one of which shall be within the last five days of the
completion of the round. The member challenged shall, without undue delay, intimate to the
challenger the date selected by him from those offered. If no date offered be suitable, he shall
make every effort to arrange a date mutually suitable within the time limit.

6.         If the match be not played off within the limit fixed by the Committee the following provisions
shall be carried into effect, viz.:-


(a)    If the challenger has failed to challenge his opponent, the match shall be awarded to the

(b)   If the member challenged has failed to accept the challenge, the match shall be awarded
to the challenger.

(c)    If a challenge is properly given and accepted and one of the competitors should fail to keep the engagement so made within thirty minutes of the hour fixed for the
commencement of the match, his opponent shall be awarded the match.

(d)   Where no arrangement has been made between the players, the Committee may delete
one or both names.


7.         All disputes that may arise between competitors shall be referred to the Committee, whose
decision shall be final.

8.         When a match has been completed a scoring card showing the result of the match, duly signed by
a marker, or in the absence of a marker, by both players shall be handed to the Secretary. All

       cards shall bear the full names of the competitors, the name of the competition and the date on which the     match was played.

9.         The Committee may reserve such rinks as may in their opinion be most suitable for playing
matches and the intimation of the reservation of such rinks shall be set forth on the notice-board.

10.     A match once started shall be played to a finish unless postponement is mutually agreed to by the
players. When, however, due to weather conditions or the condition of the Green, the continuance
of any match may involve risk or damage to the Green, any member of the Committee present
may order postponement. A match so postponed shall be resumed within the stipulated limit for
the completion of any round at the point at which it was stopped.

11.     The foregoing regulations and conditions, in so far as they are applicable and except as modified
hereinafter, shall apply to all competitions.


Chapman Trophy. Club Pairs. Peter Burns Trophy. Hospice Trophy. Forsyth Shield.

1.         Each game shall be one of seven ends, with the exception of the final match which shall
consist of ten ends. Each player shall play four bowls. The Committee shall determine as
to whether or not trial ends shall be played.

2.         The side which has scored the greater aggregate of shots at the close of the match shall be
declared winners. In the event of a tie, an extra end or ends shall be played.

3.     In each match the respective skips shall mark the score, see that the score cards are property
marked, the result initialled by both of them, and the cards handed to the Secretary at the close of the match or as soon as possible after the conclusion of the match.

4.     The introduction of a substitute player in any partnership shall be permitted in the event of death
and (at the discretion of the Committee) in case of bereavement or illness, but the failure
otherwise of a partner to appear in any match shall involve the withdrawal of both partners from
the competition.


1.    The procedure adopted in Single-handed matches shall obtain in Rink Competitions. It shall be in
the power of the Committee to determine whether

(a)   players shall play as balloted, i.e., as lead, second, etc.; or

(b)   it be permissible for a rink to arrange its own order of play,


2.      The game shall be one of seventeen ends, with the exception of the final match which shall be
one of twenty-one ends. The Committee shall determine as to whether or not trial ends shall be

3.         The rink which has scored the greater aggregate of shots at the close of the match shall be
declared the winners. In the event of a tie an extra end or ends shall be played.

4.      In each match the respective skips shall see that the score cards are property marked, the result
initialled by both of them, and the cards handed to the Secretary as soon as possible after the conclusion of the match.

5.         In the event of a player in a rink being unable to take his place in any match it shall be
permissible for his rink to substitute a "second" player from a losing rink who shall play only in
that position. In the event of there being no "second" player available, another player may be
substituted in that position if agreed to by the opposing skip. If a substitute player (i.e., the same
player) be required for two successive rounds he shall become an established member of that
rink, and no further substitution shall be permissible in that rink.

6.      In the event of either rink in a competition being composed of only three players, the number of
bowls shall be made up by the lead and second player playing three bowls each and the skip playing two bowls. One-fourth of the total shots scored by any side playing three men shall be deducted from the score.



No alteration of, or addition to, the foregoing Bye-Laws shall be made unless notice of the proposed alteration or addition has been given at the Committee meeting immediately prior to the one at which the same is to be considered.



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