Dirleton Bowling and Outdoor Club



Sun. 4/18 All day Green opening

Bowling green opens at 1400

Sun. 5/16 All day Members Competition.

Hospice Trophy.

Sun. 6/6 All day Member's Competition.

Peter Burns Trophy.

Wed. 6/30 All day Member's Competion.

Chapman Trophy.

Sun. 7/25 All day Open Competition.

Open Pairs Competition.

Thu. 8/5 All day Member's Competition.

Club Championship Final.

Sun. 8/15 All day Member's Competition.

Lorne Trophy Final.

Fri. 9/24 6:00 PM Annual Match v North Berwick.

Annual Match versus North Berwick Bowling Club.

At North Berwick Bowling Club.

Sun. 9/26 All day Member's Competition.

J. Forsyth Trophy.

Closing of the Bowling Green for the Season.

Sun. 2/20 2:00 PM AGM

AGM to be held in the Clubhouse on Sunday 20th February, at 1400.

Sun. 4/10 All day Green Opens

Bowling Green Opens

Sun. 5/22 2:00 PM Chapman Trophy


Sun. 6/19 2:00 PM Hospice Trophy
Sun. 7/24 10:00 AM Open Pairs
Sun. 8/14 2:00 PM Peter Burns Trophy
Wed. 9/14 All day Dirleton Senior Open Pairs
Sun. 9/25 2:00 PM J. Forsyth Trophy and Closing of the Green
Sun. 5/20 All day Chapman Trophy

Pairs competition. Starts 1400.

Sun. 6/17 All day Hospice Trophy.

Singles Competion. Starts 1400.

Sun. 7/15 All day Club Pairs.

Pairs Competition. Starts 1400.

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